An Effective Record of

Getting Things Done

     Diane Madden is endorsed by the Democratic Party, Working Families Party, The League of Humane Voters and The Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy for Hempstead Town Council.  For over 10 years, Diane has been an Animal Welfare and Taxpayer Advocate, exposing the waste, abuses, and mismanagement of the Hempstead Shelter. Through her tireless efforts and community support, she succeeded in accomplishing a full operational and financial Audit of the shelter by the New York State Comptroller. Diane fought Town Hall when they violated her Civil Rights and won her lawsuit (Offer of Judgement - Madden vs Town of Hempstead - 2013).  A proven advocate, Diane will fight for you, too.  When elected, Diane will shed light on wasteful spending and open every agency to an independent audit to restore the public's confidence in their elected officials and improve their quality of life while protecting suburbia.  Diane's position is that our communities voice must be louder than politics.  Dogs and cats can't vote, but their humans can. On November 5, elect a PROVEN community leader, conservative spender, and animal advocate. Look for Diane as the Democratic and Working Families Candidate and vote Row "A" for the animals AND their owners!